Great BBQ Sauce & versatile condiment. Family recipe from 1953. It's AWESOME!

Boone's BBQ

Hi BBQ Fans. Obell & Charlies is now the Featured House BBQ Sauce at Boone's BBQ located at the Wyndham Garden Hotel at 201 Water Country Parkway, Williamsburg, VA. I am so excited to announce that myself (Susan Anderson Patton), Joe Boone & Margaret Adams have teamed up to open Boone's BBQ. We officially opened March 2016. Check-out our menu on this page or our Facebook page - facebook/boonesbbq. We hope to see all our friends & family at the restaurant and we hope to make Boone's BBQ a favorite among the multitude of visitors to Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens & Water Country USA. LET US CATER YOUR NEXT EVENT! ON THE GO? All our menu items are available for take-out.

Breakfast at Aldrich House Bed & Breakfast

Tom and I have owned & operated the Aldrich House Bed & Breakfast in Williamsburg, Virginia, since 1997. We have cooked A Lot of Eggs! Since we bottled the sauce we have asked our guests to try it on their eggs. Guess What? They love it! Get your Obell & Charlie's and try it with your egg recipes. It gives Eggs & You a little "Wake Up" call. Drizzle it on scrambled eggs, mix it into your casserole, create your own breakfast burrito, put in your grits or add it to your egg biscuit. Just try it! You'll like it!

What's Sue Used Her Sauce On?

What I have used Obell & Charlie's on the most since it was bottled is the BBQ sandwich from The Cheese Shop here in Williamsburg. It's a pulled pork sandwich with a light vinegar sauce with red pepper flakes. Obell & Charlie's brings this sandwich to life on one of Billy Bread's Hamburger Buns. Best BBQ Sandwich since I left home. We've tried it on the sliced chicken sandwich & the roast beef sandwich. Both are great. Pick your favorite sandwich from The Cheese Shop & apply Obell & Charlie's. You're going to love it!

I've made BBQ wings. I marinated the wings in Obell & Charlie's all afternoon & slow cooked them in the oven at 300 until I felt the wings were cooked. The heating of the sauce causes it to thicken & brings out more of the flavor. They were so good we wished I had made more. Watching football that night with a great meal made the evening perfect.

We cooked a pot roast & nearly burnt it. I salvaged the dinner by douching the dry eye of round with Obell & Charlie's & OMG it was good with the potatoes & carrots I was able to save.

Sam's Specialty

Sam's Specialty is Sautéed Shrimp & Broccoli with Obell & Charlie's over Rice. Yum! I haven't tried it yet, but it's got to be good. It's the 2nd time she's made it in 2 months. Thanks Sam.  So glad you're a fan! Now, everyone else get yours and try it in & on your favorite dishes.

First Sale

Thanks to Conor, my nephew, for my first sale of Obell & Charlies's Georgia Style BBQ Sauce. Conor please be sure to let me know what you think. It's a bit different than The Pig's, but I love it. I can't seem to get enough of it. Did it make it to you intact?

Etsy Shop

Just finished working with two of my favorite people, Sam & Danny. They spent hours this evening helping get Obell & Charlies in the social media world to be seen and to be bought. We setup an Etsy Shop, a Facebook page, added the Etsy link to my website, pinned the Etsy link to Pinterest & even setup a PayPal account. Not sure if I'm capable of keeping up with all this, but I'm ready to try.

I have been blessed to have such sweet, smart & wonderful people be a part of my life. Your support & friendship touches me. Thanks you two.

Obell & Charlie's is an all natural product offering a Gluten Free & Dairy Free BBQ Sauce.