Great BBQ Sauce & versatile condiment. Family recipe from 1953. It's AWESOME!

What's Sue Used Her Sauce On?

What I have used Obell & Charlie's on the most since it was bottled is the BBQ sandwich from The Cheese Shop here in Williamsburg. It's a pulled pork sandwich with a light vinegar sauce with red pepper flakes. Obell & Charlie's brings this sandwich to life on one of Billy Bread's Hamburger Buns. Best BBQ Sandwich since I left home. We've tried it on the sliced chicken sandwich & the roast beef sandwich. Both are great. Pick your favorite sandwich from The Cheese Shop & apply Obell & Charlie's. You're going to love it!

I've made BBQ wings. I marinated the wings in Obell & Charlie's all afternoon & slow cooked them in the oven at 300 until I felt the wings were cooked. The heating of the sauce causes it to thicken & brings out more of the flavor. They were so good we wished I had made more. Watching football that night with a great meal made the evening perfect.

We cooked a pot roast & nearly burnt it. I salvaged the dinner by douching the dry eye of round with Obell & Charlie's & OMG it was good with the potatoes & carrots I was able to save.

Obell & Charlie's is an all natural product offering a Gluten Free & Dairy Free BBQ Sauce.